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Main differences Ethereum vs BTC.

For many people new to the cryptocurrency it is quite difficult to explain the differences between certain digital currencies. Ethereum and Bitcoin are the two most prominent players in the crypto trade plus they have the highest market capitalization values. Bitcoin was the first digital currency to ever be successfully adopted by society and show that secure P2P transactions between trustless parties, without the need for a third-party intermediary, could be achieved.

The Ethereum blockchain consists of interlinked blocks that can hold and execute code snippets. These code snippets can be bundled together to build applications. This single quality differentiates it from Bitcoin, its immediate counterpart.

And people still keep holding Bitcoins?

Ethereum is popuar with som big name companies:

In comparition to accepting payments via Bitcoin, the payments via Ethereum aren’t really this huge, seems as if Ethereum hasn't caught the attention of the merchants. You can make a difference insisting to start backing Ethereum and you are in good company. Companies backing Ethereum:

  • Intel: One of the biggest chip-makers in the world, Intel too, has begun to consider Ethereum as one of the strongest cryptocurrencies.
  • Microsoft: Microsoft has been quite high on the future of cryptocurrencies. The company began to accept Bitcoin payments and is also quite confident in the long-term success of Ethereum.
  • Samsung SDS: The software development division of Samsung, Samsung SDS has shown great faith in the Ethereum technology in the past.
  • Mastercard: No need to explain Mastercard it's a global name. They have shown considerable interest in the Ethereum technology and are expected to work in collaboration soon.
  • Brave Browser: A browser without ads. Brave Browser used to accept payments only in dollars in the past, but it has now begun payments in the form of Ether.
  • Swiss Banks: Some Swiss Banks, including Credit Suisse have shown an active interest in Ethereum payments. Apart from the Swiss Banks, many other banks have also shown interest in the Ethereum technology such as the UBS and Scotiabank.
  • Toyota: One of the biggest and most popular automobile makers of the world, Toyota has been one of the biggest backers when it comes to Ethereum technologies and have shown great faith in it.
  • Advantage Ethereum.

    Ethereum's smart contract enforces the rules between to contractors, collect the money, and immediately send the profits to whoever wins the bet. This is all done automatically and through triggers set throughout the internet and blockchain – whether it be checking scores on multiple websites or verifying funds.

    Ethereum provides a platform for creatives to develop their own use cases for smart contracts. It allows for any kind of smart contract to be programmed using their coding language Solidity, giving the community the power to use this powerful technology in any way they see fit. Ethereum also contains its own currency, called “Ether”, that represents the “gas”, or computing power that enables smart contracts to be verified and automatically executed by the network.

    Ethereum has proven its versatility and application to society is superior to Bitcoin, but until they can prove the use cases to the masses and the ability to scale them appropriately, with more retailers accepting Ethereum a more advanved blockchain can take over. Care to return home? Click here to return to index.

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