What about the Alternative Coins?

BTC is the leader in the pack.

Bitcoin – Mark of the beast, one world currency. (Steem IT) It would not make sense that a cryptocurrency would be used to usher in a one world currency. Bitcoin, the block chain and most altcoins are decentralized. So, if Bitcoin, or some other cryptocurrency ends up being the one world currency remains to be seen. And why it has to be just one one world currency? For Wealth creation and assets protection you need to know which has the best chance for Wealth creation and protect your assets.
danger for wealth creation in bitcoin investment

Bitcoin as the example to follow

Bein aware of the risk in Cryptocurrency investment is much more important to preserve wealth.

The plus side of Bitcoins Advanteges when investing wisely in bitcoin. Some coins were purely developped or forked (copied) to make people get rich quick. Just to make money only by their creators and small group involved in instamine or premine. Beware of not using these coins, they can go under on their own. Altcoins which are not accepted in online retailing.

List of scamcoins – do not use: Source: xorxor’s list of all cryptocurrencies at bitcointalk forum.

  • PXC Phenixcoin: premined 1,000,000 coins
  • BTB Bitbar – premined by small group of coin creators
  • MNC Mincoin – started with no binaries and 25000% reward blocks
  • GLD Goldcoin – 2000% superblocks at start (3.2% instamine)
  • AMC Americancoin- premined with 6.5k-14k blocks giving zero reward
  • LKY LuckyCoin – superblocks at start, random superblocks
  • MEM MEMEcoin – premined, superblocks
  • ARG Argentum – premined
  • StableCoin – 1,200,000 premined
  • NUG Nuggets – premined
  • CDC Cloudcoin- 1,000,000 premined, random blocks
  • CENT Pennies – hidden launch
  • SYC Skycoin – premined
  • CL Copperlark – massively premined
  • NAN NanoTokens – premined
  • MST MasterCoin – premined
  • USC UScoin – premined
  • GIL – premined
  • RCH RichCoin – premined
  • XNC XenCoin – premined
  • REC RealCoin – premined
  • RED Recoin – 1,000,000 premined
  • ALF Alphacoin – premined
  • One Last Coin – premined
  • ORB Orbitcoin – 66% premined
  • NUC Nucoin – premined
  • The Crypto Currency crazy pose a lot of unforeseen danger specially for an experienced investor. Get all the information about the most common scams in relation to tokens sales. Beware and don’t lose your digital Assets!

    Social media scamming

    Social media is often used by scammers these days. Be skeptical of messages from unknown senders or somebody claiming to be a member of an ICO asking you to send any funds to an address provided in the message. Do not visit websites that these messages contain.

    Crypto Currency follow the leader.

    The cryptocurrency market continued its hick up tone around August 2018; bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies kind of enjoying their prominence. The very best moments have been around august 2018. Just then a big sale plus a SEC ruling made the Bitcoin twitter crew skittish. The lack of trust plus the big sale made a downward movement which stopped around US$6.400. The rally showed signs of disconfidence in the market, through social media it became contegious.

    ZClassic, Bitcoin Private and Bitcoin Prime – some Serial Imitators

    All are worked by a team, i.e. ZClassic from the innovative Zcash project, to the forking of the same ZClassic to create Bitcoin Private and finally a planned fork of Prime coin to create Bitcoin Prime. Their creator was accused of taking advantage of the innovation of projects like Zcash and the popularity of the bitcoin name.

    Bitcoin Forks – Flawed Copycats?

    Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings released advice on their Rating website where Bitcoin Cash termed intellectually dishonest and forks of bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, and Bitcoin God were proven to be flawed. In an article previously published Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings had detailed the flaws of these ‘copycats’ which claim to solve bitcoin’s flaws whereas they seek to cash in on its popularity.

    The second part, beware of ICOs just click on the guide to ICOs.

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