Wealth Creation with BTC

BTC can become atool in asset protection

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Electronical Asset Protection

is much more important to preserve wealth you can make you Wealth creation and assets protection in a new form over the blockchain movement.

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Bitcoin millionaires are buying Lamborghinis as a status symbol of crypto wealth

Who has not seen those pictures on instagram and read their stories? Lets set aside that needing a satus symbol does not speak highly of a character, no lets concentrate on the wealth factor. Without doubt a legal commodity which rose in value around +10000% since its creation.

A viral video in March 2011 published by WeUseCoins with over 6.4 million views changed a lot. In June 2011 WikiLeaks and other organizations began to accept bitcoins for donations. Starting in July 10 2011 from $0.08 Increase in only five days BTC's price grew 900%, rising from $0.008 to $0.08 for 1 bitcoin.

15 December 2017 Bitcoin price reached $17,900

Now in 2018 BTC registers a price between 6 and 8000 $ per piece.

Just as in the real world there is scam, and as Bitcoin wealth is only linked to unregulated brokers well you see you need to be careful. This means that your money will be held by a business that might decide to disappear and have no one to answer to. Well almost still people have to pay a domain, rent a server, run publicity. So with the right drive you can get to them, as mentioned before just as in real business crooks try to get away with it. On the flipside there are those who control BTC:

5% of the Bitcoin Community Controls 90% of Bitcoin Wealth

Around 90% of all the bitcoin addresses have less than one-tenth of a bitcoin, sounds familiar doesn't it? Still there are a lot of bitcoin addresses that are either dead, abandoned or lost due to forgetting passwords/keys/usernames, and there are those which have been used once to make traceablity unlikely. Heck, we heard a story about someone loosing is hard drive with 300 BTC on it. Not really something of Wealth creation and assets protection.

Australia is a good reason to be looked at: the lack faith into Bitcoin is not an issue in Australia. Australia’s bitcoin market is pretty strong. The people in Australia, who are into bitcoin, aren’t just giving lip service to it. They are putting their money where their mouth is. The rest of us need to look in the mirror on this one.

Are Satoshi Nakamoto and The Winklevoss Twins the three addresses at the top of the Bitcoin chain? The next bull market will not change these numbers dramatically, the Bitcoin community will most likely experience a trickle-down economic windfall down the road when the heavy hitters have hoarded enough of a profit for being early adopters. Do not forget that BTC is already 10 years old, the newer Altcoin do have an advance also for Wealth and assets protection. Don't you want to be a hard hitter? There are cloud mining companies up and running, What is needed is research.

Curious how the adding of BTC works, its first introdution into the node work? On the next page you can read about it. It is important to know how Bitcoin works, see why there are delays and how to avoid them.

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