Bitcoins advantages in Wealth Creation

Bitcoin and derivates

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Bitcoin and its advantages

are clear to people who are already into it, well in a form the wealth assets protection is done as parts of the wealth assets are protected and secure in bitcoin or altcoins.

For a newcomer it is less clear most, BTC is known by now, but the alternatives? Which ones will make it?

Current recent research indicates that some of the most successful people in the world are Bitcoin investors. The founders of Yahoo, EBAY, Paypal, billionaire Richard Branson, its unofficial speaker John David McAfee plus the richest man in Asia Li Ka-Shing, all have invested in Bitcoin. While financial success is linked to several factors, it is a fact that Bitcoin is gaining more and more popularity as a world currency, and not only Bitcoin, also its silblings, the Altcoins. Most notable being ETH. When compared with other world currencies, investors agree that BTC and Altcoins have more advantages over the US dollar and any other world currencies. All world currencies are prone to many risks that affect their value and buying power. Bitcoin eliminated these risks, since no government or country controls the unit. Only the market rules its price, which is a good thing when on the winners side. Not so good when BTC's price is falling. Still the price of Bitcoin and the Altcoin ist at time stable.

The Government

Unlike a regular currency controlled by governments there is no risk of inflation. At times the governments print more money which lead to fluctuations in value, reducing purchasing power and requiring more money to pay the same product. It works like another additional form of taxation on money governments already taxed.

With Bitcoin however the system is infinite, printing more or inflation is not a concern. By the year 2045 estimates are there will be one Bitcoin in circulation issued for every 500 people worldwide. Bitcoin investors know that the currency is low risk, compared to other currencies. This is because Bitcoin is a global currency that does not depend on governments or their policies, which can fail and cause hyperinflation or even complete collapse of that currency and a new form of assets protection. Transactions with Bitcoin are simple, easy, instant and low cost. Since all transactions are final and there are no chargebacks, it gives the sellers an opportunity to ship the product or service to the buyer in complete security.

Bitcoin is quite portable

Bitcoin is also higly portable, everyone knows how difficult is to carry large amounts of money or cross international borders with high amounts of cash. Cash amounting to millions is risky to carry for several reasons, which is why Bitcoin investors prefer it to other currencies.

Cash transferable or on the go

Cash amounting to millions is risky to carry for several reasons, which is why Bitcoin investors prefer it to other currencies. With Bitcoin, you can easily move around a million dollars worth in a memory stick and it can never be traced. This is another advantage of Bitcoin which gets diluted nowaday as tracking is possible. This is important because government could trace the source of your funds in Bitcoin and not so in severall of the well established altcoins.

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